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   Technical Specifications
Model:  SS-60
   Product Description

Salient Feature
- Manual Top Discharge type of Centrifuge is the basic type of Centrifuge for solid liquid separation.
- It contains Basket which is dynamically balanced in which a filter bag is placed which retains the solid within the Basket.
- The discharge of the solid cake is from the top which is done manually.
- It is a three point suspension under driven centrifuge.
- The main parts of the Centrifuge are Bearing and Shaft, Basket, Drive and Brake
Bearing And Shaft
- The Heavy duty bearing is choosed to withstand vibratory load and centrifugal forces duly fitted in bearing housing .
- The bearing housing is so designed and filled with grease ensuring long maintenancefree performance.
- The shaft is made up of suitable material and duly balanced independently without the basket for higher accuracy.
- The basket is made up of adequate thickness so as to withstand the loads caused by the centrifugal forces developed by material in the basket.
- It is perforated and duly balanced.
- The basket bottom is made up of Mild Steel and lined at the innersurface by Rubber or SS as required.
- The drive consists of Motor mounted at the basket casing driven through V belt with provision of the tensioning the belts.
- The Centrifuges are fitted with Mechanical Clutch pulley at the motor shaft.
- The Centrifuge are fitted with external shoe brakes with brake liners.
- The brakes are heavy duty type designed to bring loaded basket to stop quickly.
Material Of Construction
- The Centrifuge Material of Construction is Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Rubber lined.
Technical Specifications
- Basket Diameter : 1,500
- Depth mm : 500
- Max. Basket Revolution RPM : 800
- Filteration Area Mtrs sq.Area : 2.35
- Motors H.P. : 20
- Rated charge in Basket Ltrs : 400
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