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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Three Pendulum Suspension
- Smooth Running
- Compact design for minimum floorspace
- More efficient washing
- The ‘PRAGATI’  Centrifuge  are  elegantly designed with  robust construction  and are ideal machines for extraction of water / liquid in
  Chemical, Textile, Oil and  Sugar Industries. The slurry or the material  to be filtered is  placed in the basket,  whose side is perforated. If
  the solid in  the  slurry is smaller than the perforation,  a filter cloth or filter-bag  has to be fitted inside  the basket,  before charging  it. 
- When  the machine  is started,  the  basket  starts rotating & with the centrifugal  force, the liquid pulls-out leaving the solid material inside the
  basket. The machine has central rotating basket made of  M.S. / SS or M.S. lined with any corrosion resisting  material such as rubber
  ( Natural rubber or butyl rubber. )  The basket has ample number of holes for speedy extraction of  mother liquor and is  DYNAMICALLY
- The outer shell is fabricated  M.S. / S.S. or  MS lined with anti corrosion  material such as natural of butyl  rubbers and is suspended on 
  robustly built C. I. pendulum with suspension bolt and spring and spherical bearings. C. I. Bearing housing supports the special alloy-steel shaft.
- The steel shaft is made especially for resisting stresses caused by centrifugal forces resulting from any uneven distribution of the charge in the
  basket. The main-base is fabricated out of Mild Steel  with  heavy bottom plate. Its heavy weight helps the machine to gain
  rigidity and strength to resist vibration effectively.  Ferodo-lined  breaks  are sued to give effective  breaking. 
- The power  supply is automatically disconnected when  breaks  are applied. The drive consists of a 1440 R.P.M. / 3 phase,  415-volts,
  T.E.F.C. Motor and  the power  is smoothly transmitted through the motor clutch pulley fitted on the motor shaft to the basket by means
  of ‘V’ belts.
   Shanta Flaker & Dryer Co. Pvt. Ltd   
Contact Person: Mr. Bharat Doshi
City: Ambernath,(Maharashtra)
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