Capsule Printing Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Part Changing Feed disc and gravure rolls need to be changed to suit the shape and size of the product.
- Feed discs can be ordered with different numbers and sizes of pocket and can be interchanged in 5 minutes.
- Gravure rolls can also be ordered with any imprint and these are matched with the pocket spacing on the feed disc.
- Roll changing requires just one minute.
- Capsule & Tablet Sizes, Tablets 3.175 to 12.7mm diameter.
- Capsules size 00 to 5 upto 25.4 mm long.
- Power & Air Requirement: Power Supply - 230 volts single phase and 440 volts 3 phase.
- Compressed:  air requirement 4 cfm at 40 Psi
- Operation: Operation is completely automatic.
- After initial set-up, operator has to only replenish tablets or capsules and ink reservoir, when required. It automatically feeds, positions, meters,
   imprints and ejects.
- Operation is controlled by a toggle switch and a foot pedal.
- Feed Discs and Gravure Rolls: Feed discs and gravure rolls can be ordered in any size in order to obtain most efficient production.
- Discs are available in 45 pockets.
- The smaller the piece, the more pockets can be used and the higher the production rate.
- Number of pockets on the feed disc determines spacing of the imprints etched on the gravure roll-each disc requires a matching roll.
- However, both discs and rolls are moderately priced and quickly changed.
- One machine equipped with several feed discs and gravure rolls is a fully flexible printer able to mark almost any tablet or capsule the manufacturer
   may wish to market.
- Prints on any Shape: Prints on almost any size or shape, on one side or both, in one colour or two of either empty or filled capsules.
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