Auto Coater
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   Product Description

Salient Feature
- Complies with the highest standard of GMP regulation.
- Automated process. Maintain uniformity of coating.
- Highly efficient spray system with spray guns, controlling the quality of coating of Tablets.
- Flexible batch operations.
- Product protective handling to prevent chipping of tablets.
- Pan cabinet is absolutely air tight and ensures no pollution in production environment.
- Complete separation of production and technical area.
- Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles.
- Advanced CIP system.
- Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation.
- Eliminates manual reference and coaterís expertise.
- Auto spray stop in case of disturbance in pan drive to protect tablets or granules from any damage due to system failure.
- Depending on shape, size and pattern of Rolling of Tablets, the spraying angle can be adjusted with the device within the spray gun.
- Easy adjustment device for leveling the cabinet.
- Close compact layout. PLC controller and peristaltic pump fitted with cabinet itself to avoid floor space occupation.
- Dose, pause and drying cycle can be revalidated with the help of PLC.
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