Aditya High Shear Granulator
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- GlobePharma's Model HSG-1-6 is a bench top high shear granulator with interchangeable bowls of 1-6 L.
- It is designed for mixing, wet granulation and pelletization of pharmaceutical powders. 
- The basic unit is equipped with variable speed drives on both the impeller and the chopper for infinite adjustment of speed   across the entire speed range. 
- The bowls can be easily changed without the necessity of any tools making set up and cleaning easy. 
- The unit is equipped to be connected to standard electrical outlets.
 Technical Specifications
  Mixing Bowl
- The bowl is of a vertical cylindrical design with a conical upper section for maximum mixing efficiency. 
- The bowls are fixed to the machine base by means of a bayonet locking system and can be installed or removed without use of   any tools.
  Bowl Lid
- All bowls are equipped with transparent acrylic lids. 
- The lids can be completely removed and is provided with an O-ring seal.
- The lid is fixed to the bowl with a knurled screw.
- There is a port for liquid addition and a temperature probe, if so equipped.
- The lid is equipped with a sintered metal filter.
  Main Impeller
- The mail impeller is one piece with three tangentially welded wing-tip type blades.
- The end of each blade is enlarged for maximum mixing efficiency. 
- The impeller can be installed and removed without use of any tools.
- The chopper has two "U" shaped blades which are laterally mounted on the wall of the bowl. 
- The chopper can be installed and removed without use of any tools.
- Both the impeller and the chopper drive shafts are equipped with PTFE (PTFE) seals, which can be easily removed for   cleaning.
   Machine Frame
- The motors, variable frequency drives and controls are enclosed in a stainless steel frame with adjustable feet.
- The operator control panels are on the outside of the frame.
  Safety Hood
- The machine is equipped with an acrylic safety-interlocked hood which covers the entire mixing area.The hood has a safety   switch and must be in a closed position for the machine to be operated. 
- A liquid addition port is provided on the hood.
  Drive System
- Both the impeller and the chopper speeds are controlled by variable frequency drives for infinite adjustment of speed over   the entire speed range.
- Maximum impeller speed is 1500 rpm and the maximum chopper speed is 2200 rpm.
- The basic unit is equipped to operate 208-230V/1 Phase/60Hz. 
- A transformer can be accommodated within the machine to operate it with 110V/60Hz.
  Materials Of Construction & Finish
- All the contact parts are made of 316 Stainless steel and polished to 0.8 ˵m finish.
- Exterior parts are made of 304 SS. The enclosure has satin finish.
- Following controls are provided for simple operation of the machine
- 2 x Variable Frequency Drives
- 1 x Multi-Function Unit
- 1 x Selector Switch for start/stop operation
- 2 x Push Buttons (On/Off)
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