Acrycoat S12,5
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Salient Features

- Our customers can avail from us Acrycoat S12,5 which is a 12% clear solution of anionic acrylic co-polymer in isopropanol conforms to USP/NF &
EP specifications of "Methacrylic acid co-polymer type-B".
- Acrycoat S12,5 is suggested for preparing sustained release (delay release) effect by matrix method (or dry granulation).
- Acrycoat S12,5 film does not mix in gastric fluid and natural juices, however, it is freely soluble in intestinal tract at pH 7.0 and above by formation of
salt with alkalis.
- Acrycoat S12,5 film is colorless, transparent and brittle and the colored film is manufactured using suitable pigments.
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