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Container Desiccants Description

- Container Desiccants are extensively used in the Logistics, shipping and storage industries.
- These products are designed for Moisture & Humidity traps during export sailing vessels for various commodities protections against Mold, Mildew, Bacterial growth, Container rain ,Condensation , Container sweating, corrosion & rust while product travels during sea voyages.
- The Desiccants offers a 100% protections during such shipments & voyage, where any critical commodities packed can be saved from losses & damages arises from Humidity & Moisture attacks.
- Sorbead India manufacturers container desiccants in various quantities which can be used for shipping products worldwide without risk of dew , mold formation or moisture impact.
- These Container desiccants are totally non-toxic and can be disposed easily without any harmful effects on the shipment consignment.
- This makes them ideal for food and agro products which are produced and transported in containers around the world.
We offer following Active Container Desiccants
- Cargo Dry Pack - Cargo Dry Pack is a premium container desiccant which is manufactured by Desiccare Inc USA.
- Customers can now ship their products with total confidence as cargo dry pack absorbs moisture upto 100% of its weight.
- Cargo dry pack is a non toxic substance and does not affect food, medicines and other products which are directly consumed by humans.
- Cargo Dry Pack is available in 500 gram packs and 1500 grams packs which are bulk packed for customer use.
- Customers with specific queries on desiccant quantity requirements can always contact us for any requirement.
- Container Desiccants Silica gel DMF free Sorbead India manufactures Active desiccant bags for cargo protections, which are made of either Silica gel, Molecular Sieves or Mix type bags in 200,500,1000 & 1500 grams, which can take up almost 50% of moisture & humidity of its own weight.
Contact Person: Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar
City: Vadodara
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