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Accessory is part detail stuff can play a important role in the whole maybe it is small part, but sometimes it can not be ignored.Tablet machines accessories are used to make tablet making machines like tablet press, dryer, mixer etc. Accessories is important part for whole thing. There is different types of accessories is available in tableting section like cabinet for punches and dies, sieves, storage cabinet etc.

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  • Chitra - Paste Preparation Vessel
    Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd
    Salient Features- Vessel with conical shape bottom.- Vessel with material discharge cock ( 2€ Size or bigger size if specified ) at centre of the conical bottom.- Vessel with top loose open-able ... more Visits: 2385

  • Chitra - IPC / IBC
    Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd
    Salient Features - Bin and Cap Made from SS304, SS316 or SS 316 L, as per customer need.- Other parts made from SS304.- Circular opening on top.- Top cover with baffles.- Bin with square tank wit ... more Visits: 2029

  • Chitra - IPC Lifter
    Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd
    Salient Features Operation - This equipment is most useful to lift the IPC to transfer the material from IPC to other container or in hopper of any equipment. - With help of this equipment dust f ... more Visits: 1987

    Medi Pharma Sales & Service
     Salient Features - All contact parts SS 316 quality - Available in GMP Model - Tittling unit for unloading - Electric Heated / Steam Heated - Available in 60 Ltrs / 100 Ltrs / 150 Ltrs capa ... more Visits: 1384

  • Lifter
    SSPM System & Engineers
    Salient Features - Lifter is designed with considering the loading capacity  - Lifter is specially designed for lifting of IBC / IPC / BINS - IBC holding arm will be made of AISI 304 - Main ... more Visits: 1354

  • Fluid Bed Wurster
    Umang Pharmatech Pvt Ltd.
    Salient Features - Variaous designs of chequered plate starting from 1mm chequered size.- Plate and shaft seals not in direct contact with the product- Perfect cGMP-design: smooth covering, no ex ... more Visits: 1402

  • Vertical Lifter
    Salient Features - Vertical Lifter is a unique elevator for carton or pouch lifting. - Being a continuous system, it is much faster than an intermediate reciprocating system. - Further more it sa ... more Visits: 1439

  • Versatile Coating system
    Neomachine Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Feautres - NEOCOTA is truly flexible system for aqueous or organic solvent based film coating. - NEOCOTA is also suitable for sugar coating.- NEOCOTA is equally suitable for loading of dr ... more Visits: 1890

  • Truly Automatic
    Neomachine Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Features - NEOCOTA can run any coating programme without manual intervention. - NEOCOTA performs any coating programme without constant operator's assistance.- The menu-driven system can ... more Visits: 1448

  • Nauta mixer
    Gansons Group
    Salient Features - For Mixing, agglomeration, dispersing, drying, extraction, granulation, homogenizing, reaction of pharmaceuticals / cosmetics / food / fine chemicals / toiletries, poultry feed ... more Visits: 1669

  • Shreeji - SPARES
    Shreeji Pharmatech
    Salient Features - Spares available of powder filling, stoppering, cap sealing, inspection etc. of any model. - We are also the exclusive manufacturer of filter tips & bristtle pistons for po ... more Visits: 2184

  • Chintan Industries - Plan Shifter
    Chintan Industries
    This machine are used for white Grading and choice ness in the riceprocessing. Adopt the serial whole rice selecting technology, theextraction of whole rice are good. Adopt the equipage pattern of coo ... more Visits: 727

  • Accessories
    Salient Features     - Backed by a team of expert professionals and hi tech machines we are able to cater our clients all across the country successfully with our   qualitativ ... more Visits: 1601

  • Accessories
    Salient Features     - Polishing is required for punch and dies to ensure their corrosion free and smooth operation.- For the same we have designed a polishing kit that offers exce ... more Visits: 1464

  • Tablet Accessories- Capsule Check Weigher
    Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features   - Individual check weigher of 120,000 capsules per hour- Weighs capsules from 20mg to 1000mg- Accuracy of +/- 2 mg.- Product Size: Capsule No. 00 to 5- Automatic weigh tab ... more Visits: 1487

  • Tablet Accessories : SS Dies & Punches Cabinet
    S. P. Products
    SS Dies & Punches Cabinet   ... more Visits: 338

  • Tablet Accessories : SS Multimill/ Sifter/ Cadmill / Fitzmill Sieves
    S. P. Products
    SS Multimill/ Sifter/ Cadmill / Fitzmill Sieves ... more Visits: 1084

  • Accessories
    Pharmachine India
    Salient Features   - Die-Punch Storage Cabinet- Material : Mild Steel- Surface : Oven baked paint- Dimensions : 72x80x100 , 87x95x120(after packing) - Empty weight : 160 Kgs. - Gross we ... more Visits: 1339

  • Dies & Punches Cabinet
    Accura Pharmaquip Pvt Ltd
    Salient Features   - Full Stainless Steel Construction.- Special Drawers for Keeping dies & Punches.- 2 nos. of Racks for punches with nylon caps for each punch.- Single tray in each dra ... more Visits: 1482

  • Shifter & Multi Mill Sieves
    Salinet Features- Our company is engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery that are easy to maintain and operate.- Our range of pharmaceutical machinery are accurately designed and is easy to ... more Visits: 1455

  • Starch Paste Kettle
    Allegro Pharmachem Equipments
    Salient Features - 'Allegro' Starch Paste Kettle is designed as per good manufacturing practices in terms of cleanability of components, surface finished, absence of   sharp corners, assembl ... more Visits: 1537

  • Silicon Moulded Sifter Sieves
    Atlanto Enterprises
    Salient Features    - These are available in various sizes from 12" to 48" diameter. - The most common size used is 20" diameter (550 mm) & 30" diameter (750 mm). - The silicon whic ... more Visits: 1248

  • Dryer Sieves
    Atlanto Enterprises
    Salient Features     - These are available in various sizes from 125 litres to 800 litres sieves used are dutch woven screen, hollender screen.- The most common sieve used is 30 * ... more Visits: 1292

  • Multi Mill Screen
    Atlanto Enterprises
    Salient Features    - These are available in various sizes including lab model. - The most common size is 265 mm diameter *140 mm height, available from 0.5 mm to 25 mm hole diameter in ... more Visits: 1350

  • Turbo Sifter & Multi Mill Screen
    Atlanto Enterprises
    Salient Features       - These are used in a single machine together, available from 0.5 mm to 25 mm perforation.- The size below 0.5 mm can be had in wire mesh design.- ... more Visits: 1261

  • Hand Sieving Frames
    Atlanto Enterprises
    Salient Features    - These are available in various sizes and shapes, commonly used is round or square shape used for hand filtration purpose or used on a container or drum.- Available ... more Visits: 1413

  • cotton fiber
    Salient FEatures Cotton Fiber Description- Carolina Absorbent Cotton is the only vertically integrated cotton coil manufacturer in the United States.- Cotton coil is composed of 100% bleached, ab ... more Visits: 1406

  • Pharmaceutical Coil
    Salient Features Pharmaceutical Coil Description - Pharmaceutical coil is used for tablet packaging to provide a safe, nontoxic, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, traditional filler.- It ... more Visits: 1517

  • Accossries
    Salient Features Container Desiccants Description- Container Desiccants are extensively used in the Logistics, shipping and storage industries.- These products are designed for Moisture & Hum ... more Visits: 1412

  • Plough Shear Mixer Dryer
    Bifriends Engineering Works
    Salient Features - High quality mixing - Reduced mixing time - Easy maintenance - Custom built to suit customer requirements. - Available in various grades of Stainless Steel and Carbon steel. - ... more Visits: 1698

    Bombay Pharma Equipment

  • Punch & Die Cabinet
    Ace Process Equipment
    Salient Features          - We offer a range of punch & die cabinet that are manufactured from qualitative stainless steel sheet and have a diverse app ... more Visits: 1405

  • Ampule Filling And Sealing Device
    H. L. Scientific Industries
    Salient Features     - Hand operated without gas cylinder for sealing, but supplied with gas burner (filling capacity from 10 mI. to 50 ml.) ... more Visits: 1311

  • Ampule Washing Device
    H. L. Scientific Industries
    Salient Features     - Jet needle type, consist of 6 S. Steel needle jets fixed on a brass (chromium plated) pipe of 12.5 mm dia with side   tap and serrations for fixing rubb ... more Visits: 1320

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