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  • Renu Engineering - Magnetic Stirrers
    Salient Features - Magnetic Stirrer (With Hot Plate) “REW”- These apparatus are intended for stirring solutions of low viscosity in open or closed vessels. - Stirring is accomplished by a magneti ... more Visits: 978

  • Magnetic Stirrer HS2
    Aditya Scientific
    HS2 magnetic stirrers are highly chemical resistant to acid, alkaliand oil. Ideal for all types of laboratory stirring and heatingapplications. High level of safety thanks to the improved heat control ... more Visits: 829

  • Homogenizers/ Overhead stirrers
    Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd.
    Our range of benchtop homogenizers set the performance standard forpersonal sized cell disruption and lysis instruments. Simultaneoushomogenization of up to 3 samples takes place (often within 45 seco ... more Visits: 867

  • Prolific Instruments -
    Prolific Instruments
    Salient Features :Digital DisplayBig Size Ceramic hot plate with flame protection and durabilityHeating and stirring can proceed simultaneouslyTemperature & Stirring speed is stepless adjustedDigi ... more Visits: 578

  • Direct Drive Stirrers
    Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd.
    Salient features AC/DC Lab Stirrers- Designed to meet requirements of laboratories demanding wide flexibility of stirring operations, these stirrers are available in various models.- Ch ... more Visits: 1136

  • Geared Stirrers
    Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd.
    Salient Features - The Geared Stirrers are specially designed for a broad spectrum of applications requiring low speed & high torque for stirring of viscous fluids & materials.-  ... more Visits: 1116

  • Magnetic Stirrers
    Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd.
     Salient Features - The stainless steel top housing series of magnetic stirrers are most compact models.- PMDC motor gives high torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stab ... more Visits: 1377

  • Electromagnetic Stirrers
    Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd.
     Salient Features- Electromagnetic (motorless) stirrer are ideally suitable for titration & general lab.- Mixing of solution.- They incorporate superior stepless speed controll ... more Visits: 1039

  • Rotamantles Stirrers
    Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd.
     Salient Features - These are specially designed to meet laboratory requirement of convenient stirring in flask with simultaneous uniform heating by heating mantles.- These have tw ... more Visits: 1120

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