Microscopes [32]

Microscope is an instrument used to produce enlarged images of small objects. The most common kind of Microscope is an optical microscope, which uses lenses to form images from visible light. Electron Microscopes form images from beams of electrons. Acoustic microscopes form images from High-frequency sound waves. Tunneling microscopes form images from the ability of electrons to "tunnel" through the surface of solids at extremely small distances. An optical microscope with a single lens is known as a simple microscope. Simple microscopes include magnifying glasses and jeweler's loupes. An optical microscope with two lenses is known as a compound microscope. The basic parts of a compound microscope are the objective, which holds the lens near the specimen, and the eyepiece, which holds the lens near the observer. A modern compound microscope also includes a source of light (either a mirror to catch external light or a light bulb to provide internal light), a focusing mechanism, and a stage (a surface on which the object being examined can be held in place). Compound microscopes may also include a built-in camera for microphotography.

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