Filters / Filtration Equipment [67]

A filter having a filter element disposed in a filter housing; the filter element being formed of a pleated filter paper or a nonwoven filter material and being of substantially planar or flat configuration. Sealing elements in the form of a rolled seal are provided on at least two lateral surfaces of the filter in order to seal the filter element in the filter housing. Filteration equipment has an inlet chamber which houses removable filtering cylindrical cartridges. The circular end surfaces of each cartridge are seated by annular seats, one on a rigid divider which separates the inlet chamber from an oulet, and the other associated with a removable rigid cover which is spaced a predetermined distance from the divider when the cover is fixedly mounted to close the inlet chamber. These two seats serve as seals for the ends of the associated filter cartridge, and at least the latter annular seat is flexibly yieldable in the axial direction of the cartridge. The normal combined axial dimension of the cartridge and its two seats, when not under axial compression, is greater than the normal distance between the divider and the cover, so that, when the cover is clamped down, in its assembled position on the inlet chamber, the flexible annular seat member is distorted, to form a tight seal against the cartridge and the cover. Each cartridge is positioned by a pair of centering posts, one of which is fixed in the cover and passes through the middle of one annular seat, and projects into the central hollow of the cylindrical cartridge; and the other of which is secured in the rigid divider, passes through the associated annular seat, and extends into the central hollow of the cylindrical cartridge.

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