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A clean room having an air-conditioner unit built in the shell of an airtight main room in such a manner as to form part of the internal wall of the main room. This air-conditioner unit is provided with an external casing of a small thickness and this external casing is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet which is fitted with a high-performance filter. The casing has an air blower disposed therein. The airtight main room is mainly formed of a plurality of gate-shaped frames disposed in parallel as regularly spaced on a floor surface. The air-conditioner unit and a control unit are disposed in the spaces intervening between the adjacent vertical members of the gate-shaped frames. The internal wall of the main room is formed of wall panels and the front panel of the casing of the air-conditioner unit. An air cleaning furniture is provided according to an embodiment of the invention. The air cleaning furniture includes a furniture item and an air cleaning device integrated into the furniture item. The air cleaning furniture performs both a furniture function and an air cleaning function. Enclosures having adjustable clean gas flow environments and methods of enclosed pressure differential distribution technology. Specifically, clean gas flow enclosures, which provide for the isolation of materials from airborne micro-particulate contamination. An embodiment of the invention utilizes a small footprint, modular, selectable, clean-gas flow environment for handling and isolating materials. The environment can be a clean room class environment by providing filtered gas from a gas flow generator through a gas filter to a filtered gas flow space. An embodiment of the invention provides a first plenum and a second plenum so that both a horizontal filtered gas flow and vertical filtered gas flow may be used separately or in combination within the same filtered gas flow space.

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