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Editor's Pick
 Chitra - Oscillating Granulator
Salient Features - This machine gives high output with less percentage of fines and has the salient features like Robust Simple and Compact design, Easy installation in production line, Uniform g ... more
 Company: Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd Viewed : 804 times
 Cognex Vision System - In-Sight 7000 Series
Salient Features - The In-Sight® 7000 series of vision systems features powerful vision tools, autofocus, faster image capture, integrated lighting and lens and the capability to power and    control ... more
 Company: Cognex Sensor India Pvt. Ltd Viewed : 1596 times
 ACG PAM - Securefill 12T
Salient Features- Ensures operator safety and safeguards environment- Best suitable for cytotoxic products, hormones, oncology products and other toxic formulations under critical Operational Exposure ... more
 Company: ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 519 times
 Saimach - Dust Extractor
Salient Features - Flexible for special applications for lighter process dust problem. - Dust weighed down air enters the collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust partials are dep ... more
 Company: Saimach PharmaTech Pvt Ltd Viewed : 1191 times
  Fluidpack ATX 2 ( Single Sided High Speed Rotary Tablet Press )
Salient Features-  High speed Turret Operation – up to 70 RPM. -  Pre- Compression as a Standard Features.-  SS 316 Contact Parts and Middle Plate of Turret.-  Electroless Nickel P ... more
 Company: Fluidpack Manufacturers & Exporters Viewed : 1004 times
Top Hot Ads
 Prism Pharma - Mini Tablet Press
Lab Tablet PressApplicationLab Scale Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press is compact table top machine widely used for formulation development in R&D for small batch of tablet production. The NewLABOTabXp ... more
 Company: Prism Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1323 times
 Prism Pharma - Stirrer
Stirrer / Agitator:Dispersing, Suspending, Emulsifying & Homogenizing of Coating SolutionApplication & Process:Stirrer / Agitator is applicable to blending, dispersing, homogenization, mixing of liqui ... more
 Company: Prism Pharma Machinery Viewed : 902 times
 Prism Pharma - Fluid Bed Processor
Salient Features- High Precise Fluidized Bed Process Technik for Drying, Granulating & Pallet Coating. - Prism Fluid Bed processing technology is a offer an effective and efficient method for drying, ... more
 Company: Prism Pharma Machinery Viewed : 814 times
 Prism Pharma - Extruder
Powder Palletizing – Extruder, Spherodizer & PalletizerEXTRUDERS: Axial PowderExtruder Uniform Kneading, Mixing Extruding ProcessApplication & Process:Extruder is used to convert wetted powder / Dough ... more
 Company: Prism Pharma Machinery Viewed : 726 times
 Prism Pharma - Mixing Machines
Salient FeaturesMASS MIXER - Uniform Mixing Process for Dry & Wet Granulation The Mass Mixer is designed for uniformly mixing of dry and wet material and especially suitable for powder of pharmac ... more
 Company: Prism Pharma Machinery Viewed : 932 times