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Editor's Pick
 ACG PAM - Securefill 12T
Salient Features- Ensures operator safety and safeguards environment- Best suitable for cytotoxic products, hormones, oncology products and other toxic formulations under critical Operational Exposure ... more
 Company: ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 463 times
 Chitra - V Blender
Salient Features     - Suitable for dry mixing of products in powder form.- Easy for loading and unloading.- Easy for cleaning.- All contact parts are made out of SS304 / SS316 or ... more
 Company: Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd Viewed : 736 times
 Saimach - Mass Mixer
Salient Features- In compliance with cGMP guidelines.- Also available with Standard Painted Model.- Conventional efficient mixing through paddle type blades welded to the main shaft horizontally mount ... more
 Company: Saimach PharmaTech Pvt Ltd Viewed : 2198 times
 ACGASSO - Naturecaps
Salient Features- Naturecaps are high-performance HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsules ideal for dietary supplement industry.- Derived from 100% natural source, HPMC is  a widely-used al ... more
 Company: ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 442 times
 Aakar - Walk in Chamber
Salient Features - Walk-in type of Fume Hoods are designed to work with the taller assemblies like 20Ltr, 50Ltr etc.- Where scientist walks-in to perform bigger assembly applications. - The ... more
 Company: Aakar Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 626 times
Top Hot Ads
 Fluidpack - Accura D4-Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press (Square cGMP)
Salient Features - Square GMP Model.    - C.I. Body and C.I. Middle plate - Paint free tablet manufacturing zone. - Turret of Special Grade S.G. Iron casting - Upper punch penetration s ... more
 Company: Fluidpack Manufacturers & Exporters Viewed : 555 times
 Dhara Engineers - Semi Automatic Pre-Filled Syringe Stoppering Machine
SALIENT FEATURES - Model : PFSS-01 - Output : 7500 syringes / Hour - Power supply : 230 VOlts, 50 Hz - Overall Dimension : L - 600 mm, W - 600 mm, H - 1200 mm. - Stoppering range : 0.5 ml to 5 ml.- Ri ... more
 Company: Dhara Engineers Viewed : 613 times
 Fluidpack - Accura D4 Type Square GMP Model
Salient Features   - Square GMP Model.    - C.I. Body and C.I. Middle plat - Paint free tablet manufacturing zone. - Turret of Special Grade S.G. Iron casting - Upper punch pe ... more
 Company: Fluidpack Manufacturers & Exporters Viewed : 906 times
 Automatic Flat Plate Blister Machine - ALBLIS
Salient Features - Alisbas-1 is a versatile flat plate intermittent motion automactic blister packing machine that can  produce alu-alu blister packs by cold forming method as well as pvc-alu blister ... more
 Company: Jicon Industries Viewed : 438 times
 Reva Pharma Machinery - Bottle Washing Machine
Salient Features          - Hand Operated / Rotary Type GMP Model - Design to Clean Bottles, Vials or Similar Container - Geneva Mechanism - 4 Number of Wa ... more
 Company: Reva Pharma Machinery Viewed : 664 times