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Editor's Pick
 ACG Worldwide Verif-i
Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-GBX-NONEX-NONESalient Features-  ACG Inspection, a member of ACG Worldwide, presents Verif-i - a pedigree-compatible track & trace solution.-  One solution that ... more
 Company: ACG Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 584 times
 Cognex Vision System- In-Sight Micro Series
Salient Features- Make it small. Make it smart. Make it easy. Make it colorful! Cognex has achieved all of this and more with the next-generation In-Sight® Micro vision system. Smallest…- In- ... more
 Company: Cognex Sensor India Pvt. Ltd Viewed : 1456 times
 Fluidpack Roll Compactor
Salient Features- Roll Compactor Machine is used for dry granulation method.- It forces the fine powders between two counter rotating rollers and presses the fine powders in a solid compact or sheets, ... more
 Company: Fluidpack Manufacturers & Exporters Viewed : 1068 times
 Cognex Sensor India Pvt. Ltd - Wireless Module
Salient Features- Common to all DataMan® 8000 series models is the system’s unique modular design allowing any reader to change between corded RS-232/USB communication to   Industrial Etherne ... more
 Company: Cognex Sensor India Pvt. Ltd Viewed : 1278 times
 ACGASSO - Naturecaps
Salient Features- Naturecaps are high-performance HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsules ideal for dietary supplement industry.- Derived from 100% natural source, HPMC is  a widely-used al ... more
 Company: ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 633 times
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 Saimach - Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
Salient Features  - Model is available from 3 liter to 1200 liter working capacity.- Fully automatic operation based on PLC control (optional).- Better productivity & lesser mixing time.- Con ... more
 Company: Saimach PharmaTech Pvt Ltd Viewed : 1221 times
 Saimach - Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine
Salient Features - It is a square model/double sided rotary tablet Press/ promising unmatched quality for medium batch Production. - Safety/enhanced performance/cleanability and ease of operation ... more
 Company: Saimach PharmaTech Viewed : 946 times
 Nimach - Brand High Speed Label Code Printer AU-1
Salient Features    - Automatic feeding, nice and quick adjustments, easy controls, accurate registering, uniform impressions, high output 250 labels/min.  Implementaion  ... more
 Company: Nimach Engineering Co.(Caelsons Ind.) Viewed : 1166 times
 Caelsons Brand - Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
Salient Features Technical Specifications     - Tube holders of Nylons.     For Filling Volume Choose Alternatively One   - A:1   5ml ... more
 Company: Nimach Engineering Co.(Caelsons Ind.) Viewed : 1438 times
 Caelsons Brand - Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing machine
Salient Features    - Size parts of one tube size and one filling  product:- Tube holders for Aluminium- Pump unit in Stainless Steel for filling volume choose alternativ ... more
 Company: Nimach Engineering Co.(Caelsons Ind.) Viewed : 1804 times